well first try

It was suggested to me to start a journal and well this is it. I have gotten myself into a fine fix and the anxiety is killing me. I was caught with a few “hits” by the police and i’ve been in jail and out and now am in the process of getting an attorney. The attorney hasn’t a bit of good news either – unless one can consider 120-day incarceration/treatment good news. I guess considering my previous record this is a good deal. The next “good” news is we can put it off for half a year. This will give me time to get some money saved back for when i get out or for the cost that are always associated with incarceration/supervision.


I don’t know how I am going to get through these next few months though. The “inevitable” is tearing me up…or should I say I am letting it tear me up. I can almost hear the clock ticking and the voices and I am already letting myself act like I am in jail. So there it is big fat white elephant which i will carry around for the next few months.

More tomorrow, i hope.

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